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Transportation Logistics is the management involving the integration of information that corresponds to timely delivery of inventory, warehousing services, material-handling, packaging and most important security.

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Logistics is making sure that required consumer goods, information and other resources are delivered in a timely and safe manner from a point of origin to the point of user consumption. Fleet Street Couriers is a professional transportation logistics provider that is a dedicated service freight transport company.

Fleet Street Couriers provides commercial warehousing and freight delivery services with a hub centrally located to Interstate 84 and the Boise Airport resulting in quick delivery to Seattle Washington, Salt Lake City, Utah, Portland, Oregon, Spokane, Washington and other locations within the Pacific Northwest region.
Other Transportation Logistics Services provided are as follows: Security Monitored Warehouse Facility - Professional Inventory Control Management with Real Time Reporting - Redistribution Freight Forwarding Services - Outsourced Logistics Distribution Center - Cross Docking - Delivery Repackaging.

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