Third Party Logistics Services

Fleet Street Couriers provides third party transportation logistics - 3PL. We specialize in expediting freight delivery to Salt Lake City, Utah and Seattle Washington. From our centrally located warehouse in Boise, Idaho which is conveniently located to the Boise Airport and Interstate 84 you can rely on our professional couriers and delivery personnel. Below are some descriptions of the variety of third party logistics - 3PL services that we can provide. If you need customized delivery services feel free to contact Fleet Street Couriers and we'll work out the details for you.

Marketing Logistics for Trade Shows Support and Set-up Services

Marketing support services are available at Fleet Street with our delivery drivers and warehouse facility available for trade show support. Your sales associate will be able to send your marketing materials and trade show booth to Fleet Street before the trade show event begins. more info on third party logistics marketing logistics

White Glove Service | Last Mile Delivery Services

Fleet Street excels in white glove and last mile delivery services. Our professional drivers will prep the delivery by scheduling with your customer a convenient pickup time so your customer will appreciate little disruption in their day. more about 3PL white glove and last mile delivery services

Tech Assist Deliveries

Fleet Street has perfected a smooth process of deliveries that require assistance in installation of a customer's purchase. Fleet Street can meet the tech with the product, place it in the exact spot on location and unpack the merchandise. more info on third party logistics tech assist deliveries

Asset Recovery | Reverse Logistics

Sometimes a necessary procedure when an asset needs to be picked up for whatever reason. We provide lift-gate equipped trucks to handle most any freight or product you have for pickup. We can also receive your products within our commercial warehouse. more about 3PL asset recovery - reverse logistics

Fleet Street Couriers provides commercial warehousing and freight delivery services with a hub centrally located to Interstate 84 and the Boise Airport resulting in quick delivery to Seattle Washington, Salt Lake City, Utah, Portland, Oregon, Spokane, Washington and other locations within the Pacific Northwest region.
Other Transportation Logistics Services provided are as follows: Security Monitored Warehouse Facility - Professional Inventory Control Management with Real Time Reporting - Redistribution Freight Forwarding Services - Outsourced Logistics Distribution Center - Cross Docking - Delivery Repackaging.

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